Visualize objects before you buy.

Place furniture within your space without having to leave the comfort of your house to build more confidence before you buy.

What we do?

ZABAR is a mobile platform that leverages technology to provide an immersive experience for buyers of home furnishing products by allowing them to visualize furniture and other home furnishing products within their environment.

Augmented Reality - By Numbers

80 %

Increase in Conversion Rate

Customer conversion rate increases by 90% with AR

10 %

Decrease in Return Rate

Augmented reality helps to reduce return rate by 40%

40 %

CAGR (2021-2028)

The trend will continue to increase exponentially 

How can we help you?

Enhanced Customer Experience

ZABAR allows customers to visualize and interact with 3D models of home furnishing products within their own environment thus reducing fear

Increased Brand Awareness

ZABAR provides a means for the furniture manufacturers to stand out by offering new channels for customer engagement

Improved Sales

ZABAR helps to raise customer confidence in the quality of products and its features providing additional data points for better-informed purchasing decisions